「I can't agree with you more. 」到底是同意還是不同意? - 空中美語部落格

「I can't agree with you more. 」到底是同意還是不同意?



單字「agree」有表達「同意」的意思,但要注意囉!agree 搭配不同介系詞會有不一樣的意義,以下舉例:

agree with sb 贊同某人

I can't agree with you more. 
Terry wanted to eat at that restaurant, and I agreed with him.
Terry 想要在那間餐館用餐,而我同意他。

agree on / about sth 對…達成共識

My husband and I agreed on the decision to move to a bigger house.

agree to V 贊成做某事

All of us agreed to stay at this hotel for one more night.

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