「exchange」的3種常見用法:除了「交換」,也可以表達「交流」 - 空中美語部落格



單字 exchange 的常見用法



(v.) 交換;互換

Nadine and Lois exchanged business cards with each other when they first met.

(phr.)  in exchange for sth 作為…的交換

The naughty boy promised to study hard in exchange for a trip to Disneyland.

(v.) 替換;更換

exchange A for B  以 B 替換/更換 A

If you can't drink cow milk, you can exchange it for almond milk in this coffee.
I got a pair of jeans as a gift, but they were too small, so I exchanged them for this T-shirt.
我收到的禮物是一件牛仔褲,但它太小件了,所以我把它和這件 T 恤作交換。
Jenny often exchanges her old books for new ones at her local bookstore. She doesn't want to collect too many.

(n.) 交流 

The students from Japan came to our school for an exchange program to learn about our culture.

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