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TOEIC多益專欄:文法教學 turn 相關片語


turn 這個單字雖然簡單,但是在TOEIC考試中,這個單字所組成的常用片語總共有 5個。

你知道哪些由 turn 組成的常用片語呢?


(1) turn into 變成

💬 Solar panels make it possible to turn sunlight into energy.



(2) turn down 拒絕

💬 Eileen turned down my invitation to go out for lunch; she's too busy with her studies.

(Eileen 拒絕了我去吃午餐的邀請。她學校太忙了。)


(3) turn in 提交

💬 Please make sure that you turn in your project by next Friday at the latest.



(4) turn on 攻擊;批評

💬 When Helen landed her dream job, all of her friends turned on her out of jealousy.

(當Helen 終於得到她夢寐以求的工作,她所有的朋友都因為嫉妒而批評她。)


(5) turn out 結果是 ....

💬 Tara and Jamie were afraid something would go wrong on their wedding day, but everything turned out perfectly.



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